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Statement: Fall 2021

Call for Manuscripts for the next issue of Statement

Almost nightly on the news, we watch angry parents accusing districts of teaching “Critical Race Theory.”  Although the theory itself is taught almost nowhere in public schools, it has become a facile label for any “non-standard” texts or curricula that expand the American story beyond its Euro-centric narrative. Sadly, some teachers are beginning to question the literature they teach, fearful of continuing to share the many wonderful stories which reflect the diversity of American experience and that amplify voices calling for equity and inclusion. We can’t self-censor ourselves. We can’t keep our students from the beautiful literature that reflects the diversity, equity and inclusion that eludes too many of them.


In this issue we want to know how and why you teach certain pieces of literature. How do you consider diversity, equity and inclusion as you plan the literature you will teach to the very diverse population most of us see in our classrooms? Do you teach in a workshop approach where students have choice in the literature they read? If so, how do you set that up? If you choose whole class novels, how do you make your choices? How do you plan discussions and writing assignments to get your students thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion? How do you handle differing perspectives? How do you make connections to real-life experiences and to what your students read online or in the newspaper or on television? How do you respond to administrators or community members who are uncomfortable with your curriculum? 


Student writing and teacher writing is always welcome for consideration.


Submission Guidelines 


Manuscripts should be double spaced (including quotations and works cited) and no more than 10-12 pages.

Follow current MLA style

Manuscripts should not have been published anywhere else.

Number all pages.

Please include a photo and short bio

Statement is refereed. Manuscripts are read by at least two reviewers.

DEADLINE: April 15, 2022

Send manuscripts to: Karen Hartman ( Include a statement that the work has not been published and is not being submitted elsewhere.