Executive Committee

Alex Thieme


Littleton High School

Cassandra Tafoya-Chavez

Vice President

Lincoln High School

Jackie Smilack

Past President and Nominations Chair

Denver Public Schools

Amy Gutierrez-Baker

Executive Secretary-Treasurer

West Jefferson Middle School

Kyle Stovall

Recording Secretary

Castle View High School

Aaron DeLay

Social  Media Coordinator

Lincoln High School --- Fort Morgan Public Schools

Angela Dryer


Arvada West High School

*Term Expires May 2022

Jay Arellano


*Term Expires May 2022

Seonjoon Young


Eaglecrest High School

*Term Expires 2022

Beth Lakin


North High School

*Term Expires May 2023

Neana Lueck


Sierra Middle School

*Term Expires May 2023

Samson Patton



*Term Expires May 2023

Karen Hartman

Director of Conferences

Retired, Director of Colorado Writing Project

Olivia Gillespie

Liaison: Colorado Department of Education

RWC Content Specialist: Colorado Department of Education

Other Executive Board Members

Board of Auditors

Michael Hoffman

*Term Expires September 2024

Kit Magee

*Term Expires September 2022


Editor of Statement: Karen Hartman and Jay Arellano

Editor of Currents: Amy Gutierrez-Baker

Executive Committee Members in NCTE Leadership Roles

NCTE Past President and NCTE 2020 Convention Site Coordinator: Doug Hesse, University of Denver

NCTE Middle Level Steering Committee Representative: Amy Gutierrez-Baker, West Jefferson Middle School

NCTE 2020 Convention Site Coordinator: Jill Adams

Honorary Members

Paul Bellin (Retired)

Jane Christensen (Retired)

Ruth Cline (Retired)

Paula Hodges (Retired)

Willa Mae Kippes (Retired)

Ed Low (Retired)

Bill McBride (Retired)

Alan Olds (Retired)

Louann Reid (Colorado State University)

Imogene Springer (Retired)

Jackie Swenson (Retired)

Dave Wendelin (Retired)