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Colorado Language Arts Society

Past Conferences


2021 No conference due to COVID 19

2020 (scheduled to host NCTE; moved to virtual due to COVID 19)


2019 Teaching Tomorrow's Voices

Keynotes: Helen Thorpe, Tanaya Winder, Cornelius Minor


2018 Connecting Communities Through the Classroom

Keynotes: Penny Kittle, Camille T. Dungy, Shanna Peeples

2017 Teaching in Balance

Keynotes: Matt de la Peña, Toluwanimi Obiwole, Dave Stuart, Jr.

2016 For the Love of Teaching: Reclaiming the Classroom

Keynotes: Taylor Mali, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sarah Brown Wessling

2015 The Literacy of Social Justice: Equity, Empathy, and Engagement

Keynotes: Linda Christensen, Antero Garcia, Patricia McCormick

2014 A Cure for the Common Core: Reinventing Story

Keynotes: Chris Crutcher, Rebecca Rule, Ted Conover

2013 Create, Innovate, Celebrate: Teaching in the Age of the Common Core

Keynotes: Jeff Anderson, Stevi Quate, Malinda Lo

2012 Linking Literacies

Keynotes: Jim Blasingame, Sara Kajder, Mark Overmeyer

2011 Expanding Literacies: Developing Critical Minds for Critical Times

Keynotes: Ernest Morrell, Laura Resau, Jovan Mays


2010 (fall) Breakthroughs: Teaching in the Age of Discovery

Keynotes: Carol Jago, Teri Lesene, Gene Yang

2010 (spring) Capturing Imagination: Inspiring the Magic of Language

Keynotes: Penny Kittle, Georgia Heard, Esmerelda Santiago

2009 Creating a Teaching Life with Passion, Courage, and Conviction

Keynotes: Jeff Wilhelm, Sharon Draper, Sonia Nieto, Jimmy Santiago Baca

2008 Literacy NOW!

Keynotes: Ralph Fletcher, Nikki Giovanni, Leonard Pitts, Dan and Dawn Kirby, Gene Yang

2007 Visioning and Revisioning

Keynotes: Jeff Anderson, Nikki Grimes, Tim Hillmer, Richard Peck, Naomi Shibab Nye

2006 Territories Ahead

Keynotes: Edward Bloor, Pam Muñoz Ryan, Billy Collins, Louann Reid, Judith Irvin

2005 Today's Questions, Tomorrow's Answers

Keynotes: Barry Lane, Julie Anne Peters, Penny Kittle, Pam Houston

2004 Range of the Possible: Ideas and Practices to Shape the Future

Keynotes: Chris Crutcher, John Golden, Sara Holbrook, Randy Bomer

2003 Embracing the Magic: Discovering the Wonder in the Classroom

Keynotes: Janet Allen, Laurie Halse Anderson, Tod Marshall, Reggie Rivers, Tom Romano

2002 Taking Stories to Heart

Keynotes: Carol Booth Olson, Bill Strong, Jim Burke, Kent Haruf, Lorri Hewett

2001 Weaving New Fabrics for Learning

Keynotes: Kylene Beers, Li-Young Lee, Keith Gilyard


2000 The Things We'll Carry

1999 (hosted NCTE Annual Convention) Reimagining the Possibilities

1999 Imagine the Possibilities

Keynotes: Linda Rief, Robert Probst, Christopher Paul Curtis, Dan Kirby

1998 Steppin' Out

Keynotes: Maxine Greene, Charles Suhor, Sharon Draper, Caroline B. Cooney, Jack Collom

1997 Voices Shaping the Future

Keynotes: Rudolfo Anaya, Lorna Dee Cervantes

1996 Unlocking the Mystery of Language

Keynotes: John Berendt, Margaret Coel, Manuel Ramos, Jeff Golub, Warwick Downing, Alice Kawazoe

1995 (theme unknown)

1994 (Southwest Regional Conference) Changing Together: Classrooms and Communities

Keynotes: James Davis, Richard Lederer, Miles Myers, Peter Stillman

1994 The Power of Story and Myth—Celebrating, Sharing, Learning

Keynotes: Opalanga Pugh, Will Hobbs

1993 American Voices: Celebrating Diversity as Readers and Writers

Keynotes: Peter Elbow, Gary Soto, Vivian Davis, Ruthanne Lum McCunn, Victor Villanueva

1992 Vision and Revision: Challenges for the 1990s

1991 A Legacy of Language

Keynotes: Richard Lederer, Peter Stillman, Chris Crutcher, Helene Willis, John and Kay Bushman, June Berkley, Bruce Appleby


1990 (hosted NCTE Spring Conference)

1989 The Many Modes of Communication

Keynotes: Bill McBride, Mark Medoff, Leonard Olguine

1989 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Jill Scott, Ernest Boyer, Nat Hentoff, Vance Brand, Betty Miles

1987 Celebrate Teaching

Keynotes: Ken Macrorie, Ellen Johnston-Hale, Alex English, Paula Danziger

1986 Language & Life: One Story

Keynotes: Edward Albee, Robert Cormier, John Goodlad, Woody Paige, Lois Duncan, Ruth Vinz

1985 Language: A Thinking Experience

Keynotes: Carol Kuykendall, Judith Crist, Sue Ellen Bridgers

1984 A Time for Excellence

Keynotes: T.H. Bell, Neil Postman, Rex Brown, Robert Cormier

1983 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Joyce Brothers, Dan Kirby, William Durr, John Stansfield

1982 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Shelton Root, Diane Shugert, Muriel Bach

1981 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Paul Brandwein, Muriel Bach, J. Evans Alloway, Toby Lurie, Clive Cussler, Al Grankowski


1980 (theme unknown)

1979 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Jack Perkins, Marilyn VanDerbur, Elaine Barbour, Calvin Frasier, John Maxwell

1978 (theme unknown)

1977 The Basics and Beyond

Keynotes: James Grey, Robert Newton Peck, Charlotte Brooks, Claudia Cohl, George Walter, Robert Sund

1976 (theme unknown)

1975 The Challenge of the Future from the Ferment of the Past

Keynotes: Morris Massey, Elizabeth Wooten, Ernest J. Gaines

1974 (theme unknown)

1973 (theme unknown)

1972 Humanizing the Curriculum: Don't Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate

Keynotes: Stephen Dunning, Charlotte Brooks

1971 (theme unknown)


1970 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Richard Eberhart

1969 (theme unknown)

1968 (theme unknown)

1967 (theme unknown)

1966 (theme unknown)

1965 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Charlton Laird

1964 (theme unknown)

Keynotes: Arthur Kitzhaber

1963 Achieve the Liaison Between the High School and the College, the Junior High and the High School, and the Junior High and the Elementary Schools

1962 (theme unknown)

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